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O3 flight to India
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  • O3 flight to India
  • O3 flight to India
  • O3 flight to India
O3 flight to IndiaO3 flight to IndiaO3 flight to India

O3 flight to India



About SF Airlines:

On the evening of October 17, 2019, SF Airlines Company Limited (hereafter referred to as "SF Airlines") successfully launched its maiden flight of "Shenzhen=Delhi" international route. This is the second successful launch of freight flight from China to India after the launch of the "Shenzhen=Chennai" route, and also the eighth international route in 2019. This new route is undertaken by SF Airlines' B747-400 all-cargo aircraft, with two flights per week. Cargoes exported are mainly consumer electronics and industrial equipment, and cargoes imported are mainly e-commerce parcels and general cargoes. It can render assistance to the Sino-Indian cross-border e-commerce development and the promotion of Chinese brands in overseas markets.


ISCM becomes the SF airline's agency since 2020.

ISCM is fully operating the routing connecting SHENZHEN CHINA TO New Delhi, Chennai India.

Airline: O3


Transit time: 1 day. 

Aircraft: B747F



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